What If I Want a Dedicated, Bespoke Version of Tineri?

We’re happy to do one-off Tineri builds tailored to your specific requirements. Please email us on tim@tineriapp.com to discuss your needs so we can provide a quote.

Which Phones Does Tineri Work On?

The Tineri front-end app works with Android and iOS phones.

Who Created Tineri?

Tineri is the brainchild of our Founder & CEO Tim Russell, who has been in the travel industry since 1992. Whilst working for a luxury travel agent in Thailand, he realised that the company’s 50-page itinerary documents, whilst nice for clients to read before their trip, were completely impractical when out on the road; and that his company also struggled to stay in touch with clients and get feedback from them whilst on tour. As 92% of travellers carry a smartphone with them, mobile was the logical solution, and Tineri was born! You can read more about the Tineri story here.

Who is Tineri Designed For?

Tineri is for any business that arranges travel for its clients. Our first version is designed for tour operators & travel agents, but we are also working on versions for DMCs (ie B2B2B), business & corporate travel, MICE, weddings, sports travel, educational academic travel, and medical/wellness.

What is Tineri?

Tineri is a solution for travel providers that allows them to supplement or replace their traditional paper or PDF itinerary documents with a fun, interactive mobile app. It also improves communication with clients whilst on tour, enables the gathering of customer feedback, and generally enhances the operator-client relationship.