Can You Add New Features Just For My Company?

We’re always happy to look at new feature ideas! If we think your feature is something that all our clients will want to use, then we’ll simply add it to our to-do list. If it’s something that is unique to your company, that will require a special build of Tineri and so we will need to discuss costs with you.

Does the Tineri App Work Offline?

Tineri is designed so that its content is available even when the user is offline. Obviously, for travellers to receive messages, get itinerary changes or submit daily surveys, they’ll need an internet connection at some point, but the lion’s share of the app content can still be viewed offline if the traveller wishes to do so.

How Does Tineri Work?

The Tineri workflow is very simple. If you sell standard package itineraries, you simply build or import these into Tineri, then pull them into a Tineri booking, assign the relevant hotels and guides, and then send a download link to your client.

If you sell bespoke tours, you build or import the itinerary into Tineri and then send the download link to your client.

During the trip, your staff can send messages to the clients, receive daily survey feedback in order to monitor client satisfaction, and update the itinerary with any changes.

Does Tineri Integrate With My Existing Tour Operator Solution?

We are currently working on integrations with several leading tour operator solution providers. But please let us know which solution you are using so we can let you know. The Tineri API makes integration with various solutions easy, however if you are using your own bespoke solution there may be additional integration costs involved.

If you have no back-end solution and would like one, we can introduce you to our technology partners who will happily discuss options with you.

How Many Users Can I Have?

A Tineri licence gets you an unlimited number of users. We know that for travel companies, some seasons are busier than others and the number of users you need may vary, so we don’t set a limit. The only limit you have is on the number of travellers who use the app each month, according to your version.