New Tineri Release September 2018: What’s New?

We’re excited to be putting out a new release of Tineri this week, with some new features and enhancements to improve the experience for both tour operators and their customers! Here’s a preview of what’s new…

Revamped CMS

We’ve taken user feedback onboard and revamped our CMS, reorganising the menu structure so the workflow is more logical and intuitive. Next time you log in you’ll see a new streamlined menu on the left of the screen which will make using our solution even more straightforward.


End of Tour Surveys

Our customers love our Daily Survey feature, and now we’ve added the ability to create more detailed end of tour surveys/questionnaires using a simple drag & drop interface. No need to send out separate emails to get feedback – the survey appears in the app.

Excel Imports

We’ve finetuned our Excel import functionality and added a new set of import templates to the CMS, making it easy for you to bulk import your data and bookings!


We’ve also made some other fixes making Points of Interest and Custom Menus easier to use, so to find out how the new improved Tineri can help your business, email us now!


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