What’s New? A Look at the Latest Tineri Features

Since we launched Tineri in late 2017, our development team have been feverishly improving and enhancing the product with various new functions & features. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new…


We’ve replaced our old messaging functionality with a much more flexible Chat module. This allows tour operators to chat to all their travellers across multiple bookings, or to travellers in a particular country (in the event of a trip-changing event), and also makes it easier for TOs to send out company news or sell upgrades & add-ons. And people travelling together in a group can use Chat to share photos and other content.


The Tineri app is now available in (deep breath): English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese (Mandarin), Thai, Vietnamese and Bahasa. Users can also switch between languages from within the app, and you can include multiple languages within the same booking if you’re handling cosmopolitan groups.


DMC Module

DMCs can now use Tineri to send quotes, itinerary documents and of course our stylish mobile app to their travel agent clients, with various white labelling options – they can keep their own branding, co-brand a trip with the agent, or use the agent’s own branding if required. The travel agent can also log into Tineri to upload their own content into the app.

Hotel Image Carousel

Tour operators can now display multiple hotel images within the app, enabling you to display exterior, in-room and public area shots to your clients and show your accommodation partners in their best light!

Google Analytics & Survey Reporting

We’ve fully integrated Google Analytics into the app so we can tell you exactly how your clients are using the app! And we’ve added full survey reporting so you can dive deep into those lovely daily surveys and find out how happy your customers are, and which experiences they enjoy most (and least).




Importing Content

Finally, we’re continually making it easier for tour operators to get their content into the app. Check out our recent post to find out just how easy it is to upload your content. And we’ve also enabled bulk image uploading and editing to help you get your visual content into the app much more easily.

Coming Soon

Watch this space for more exciting features including maps, iframes, and in-app sales.


To find out more about how Tineri can help you provide an enhanced travel experience to your customers, email us now on sales@tineriapp.com.


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