What’s New? Tineri Features Update July 2018

As usual, our development team are beavering away to continually enhance Tineri! A couple of months ago we told you about exciting new features including Chat, multi-language, our DMC module and survey reporting; now we’ve just released our latest build with more exciting features. Here’s a look at some of them…


We’ve integrated Tineri with popular mobile map solution Mapbox to enhance the Tineri map experience. You can now add points of interest with text/image pop-ups to make your maps more compelling.




We like to think that the Tineri main menu contains everything a traveller would need, but sometimes our customers want to add something new – and that’s where Custom Menus come in. You can add your own menu item and choice of icon, then add sub-menus linking to your own choice of online content which is displayed via iFrame.




Our new web forms allow you to set up customised online signup forms so your clients can sign up to download the app – particularly good for group and incentive tour operators who have large numbers of travellers to add to bookings.




Want to use your existing PDF content in our app? You can now upload PDF itineraries and hotel/guide info into our CMS for use within the Tineri app – a quick and easy way to use Tineri!



Want to find out more about how Tineri can help you enhance your clients’ travel experience? Email us now on sales@tineriapp.com


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