10 Steps to the Perfect FAM/Press Trip with Tineri

If you’re a tourism board, destination marketing organisation (DMO) or tourism industry group, FAM & press trips are a crucial part of your strategy – they’re a great way to promote your destination, forge strong relationships with key agents, journalists and partners, and generate business for your industry. In 2018, it’s no longer enough to give participants a paper itinerary and a few brochures – you need to wow them and showcase your destination as stylishly as possible.

And that’s where Tineri – our mobile solution for travel providers – comes in. Providing a unique and memorable way to communicate with your partners, Tineri is affordable, intuitive and quick to set up.  

Here are 10 steps to creating unforgettable FAM/press trips with the app…


Load Your Destination Content

The first step is to get all your destination content into our content management system (CMS) – hotels, attractions, tour guides etc, with images to show everything in the best possible light. You can import content in several ways: via Excel, via Tineri’s API, manually using our user-friendly CMS, or finally, by bringing in the assistance of Open Destinations’ specialist data entry team.


Build Your Itinerary

Step two is to build your FAM trip itinerary using Tineri’s Itinerary Builder. You can load itinerary text and images, and add the relevant hotels, guides and destination info at the touch of a button. It’s extremely simple to create a stylish, interactive mobile itinerary that will create a much better impression than a PDF or a few sheets of paper.



Sign Up Participants

You can import your participant list into our CMS and send them a welcome email with an app download link, or, to make your life easier, get them to sign up via our custom web form feature. As soon as they sign up, they’ll automatically get an app download link and a login/password.

Add Brochures, Guidebooks & Other Documents

Tineri has two great features that enable you to provide FAM trip participants with a full information pack. Our Documents feature allows you to upload PDFs, Word docs and images, which means you can put destination brochures, an itinerary PDF, image galleries and more straight into the app. And our Custom Menus feature lets you define your own app menu items so you can display your own website content or third party sites such as Lonely Planet, Tripadvisor, WikiTravel etc., as in-app iFrames.


Use Chat for Pre-Trip Messaging

Whet your participants’ appetites for their trip with our Chat feature. You can message them as soon as they’ve installed the app to welcome them, provide previews of what they’re going to be doing, or alert them to any changes. And, if they’re feeling sociable, participants can message each other to introduce themselves and break the ice even before the trip starts.



Manage the Tour

Tineri isn’t just a pre-trip solution but is also a great tool for managing FAM trips while they’re taking place. Any changes you make to the itinerary in our CMS will automatically sync to the app. Your tour guide/leader can use the app to inform participants of any changes. And participants can use the app to make requests or alert you to any problems.


Message & Share

Tineri’s Chat function makes it easy for participants to chat to each other and share images/videos that they make during the trip. And our Social Share feature enables them to share their experiences via social media at the push of a button – a great way for you to publicise the trip and your destination.


Get Feedback

Getting participant feedback is an essential part of any FAM/press trip. Tineri’s Daily Survey feature lets your group members rate all their experiences each day, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t. And our customisable, longer end-of-tour surveys let you ask the appropriate questions in order to evaluate the success of the trip.



Follow Up

Your itinerary will stay on participants’ devices as long as you want it to, so you can continue to use Tineri to send post-trip messages, elicit feedback and photos from participants, and send them information about future trips.


Share the Love

If you’ve used Tineri to enhance a FAM/press trip, don’t keep it to yourself – encourage your organisation members (tour operators, DMCs, MICE etc) to wow their clients with Tineri too! We can offer favourable commercial terms to tourism boards, DMOs & industry organisations who are willing to refer clients to us.



Don’t just take our word for it – try out Tineri for yourselves! We offer a 30-day free trial so you can see how our app can enhance your FAM/press trips. To get started, email us on sales@tineriapp.com.


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